The power of the Sausage Roll

In addition to birthday parties, another major event a the weekend was the completion of the bodywork on Motor Rail 1320. This is a PRISM-funded project, and is restoring the loco to “as worked in industry” condition. The existing bodywork had worked in industry, and worked hard by the look of it. Mr Tin Worm had also been working very hard as well. In the event, only the framing and fittings could be re-used. As you will see, the interior is a fetching shade of Magnolia. We did this following advice from leading interior design consultants – apparently all we need now is an occasional table and some bowls of fruit. Bodywork is never easy, and the more so on this loco – a century of service means that absolutely nothing is quite square to anything else, so jacks and ratchet straps were seen to be in use at various stages to pull, push, lift and strain bits into positions where they fitted. But it’s done now – the fitting of the roof was considerably eased by a prior visit to the Birthday Buffet. With a Heritage Centre sausage roll inside, almost anything can be accomplished!