Let’s Twist again!

There was the beginning signs of the onset of Spring this weekend. Put another way – it didn’t actually snow, which is an improvement. Despite the urge to plant daffodils, the Moseley Railway Trust’s volunteers managed another productive session. Winter maintenance on the passenger stock is completed, which meant it was time to re-assemble the passenger train in the right order. A challenge was remembering what the right order actually was, since we run non-standard formations at Halloween and Christmas, so it’s been a while. The train got a well-deserved washdown at the same time. 

One of the passenger locos, No.13 (Motor Rail 11142) has suffered from a leaky radiator, so this is being rebuilt, and should be all assembled back on the loco before long.

Meanwhile, the PW department was testing the new toy – a twist measuring trolley. Twist, in PW-terms, is defined as rate of change of cant, cant being the level of one rail in relation to the other. Twist matters, because excess twist is a real derailment hazard with vehicles with very stiff suspensions. Twist is also very difficult to measure – the old way involved a spirit level and lots of bending down. The trolley actually has two trolley sections coupled by a long torsion tube; as one section twists in relation to the other, an indicator shows if it is within spec (or not). The trolley needs further work to complete it, but testing showed that the concept works – and that we don’t have any serious twist problems – so a happy PW department.