Lord Austin

Saturday saw intermittent torrential downpours, which rather limited passenger numbers, despote being able to ride in enclosed splendour in the FR coach. We steamed “Stanhope” this weekend, in what will be one of its final appearances before being withdrawn for overhaul. Hopefully, “Stanhope” will not be absent for too long. The loco has been well-cared for, and is in generally good order. Some boiler work is needed in additional to the expected re-tube.
Most sensible people stayed under cover, and this resulted in a fair bit of work being done on the cab of the Motor Rail petrol loco “Lord Austin”. It’s been invited for a jolly outing to the Amerton Railway at the end of the month, and there’s nothing like a deadline for getting things done. The cab is now built, painted, glazed and fitted with a tin roof sheet. This will keep drivers dry, warm and especially snug. Especially the latter – a jar of vaseline will be made available at all times to aid our stouter drivers in gaining egress from the locomotive.