Containers by Rail

Another busy – and occasionally very damp – weekend has seen progress on various projects. The restoration work on Motor Rail 1320 has slowed just for the moment whilst we await supply of a critical part in the re-assembly of the loco. So, the main project has been improving rail access to a container which contains a number of the operational locos. Road tailings have been railed to site – which is inaccessible to everything except foot and rail – and tipped to improve the ground conditions. A set of points was then brought in and unloaded using a combination of experience and gravity. The points have a very shallow crossing angle, so the tracks diverge slowly; this is essential, because the tracks are not far apart in the container. The approach to the points was also re-laid to remove a particularly hideous rail joint. The final step will be to assemble the tracks leading to the container doors, and the “bridge” sections needed to allow the doors to open and close.
In between all this, we also welcomed a party from the RCTS, and even ran a railtour for the more resilient member of the party!