Michelangelo comes out of retirement

It’s been a busy few weeks at Apedale with a variety of projects being progressed. One project which very rarely sees much limelight is the continuing programme of repairs and reurbishment on the buildings which we occupy. Some of these are seriously old, probably dating back to the Apedale Ironworks, and one suspects that’s about the last time that they had any real TLC. The main workshop block has had a new roof in the last year, but it could still be somewhat cold in the winter. It’s tempting to say that we should just out a thicker woolly on – but we need people to be comfortable if they are going to support us by volunteering. Also, it’s difficult to produce decent finished work in a poor environment. So, a new ceiling is being installed. This will be painted and insulated. The project leader was seen to be looking at pictures of the Sistine Chapel with some interest.
Elsewhere, a couple of wagon projects have been progressing nicely. An explosives wagon is just about finished – the lads pushing it around did check it was empty first, and a wooden Trench Tramway wagon is also nearing completion. This arrived as a kit of parts, and was immediately compared to an IKEA bookcase, leading to some speculation as to what daft name IKEA would have given it were they to move into selling railway rolling stock.
Next weekend it’s steam both days with the Joffre having an outing. The Hudswell is enjoying a stay at Leighton Buzzard, and the Stanhope has been prepared for a trip to the Penrhyn Railway, complete with Penrhyn couplers – so it cannot couple to the passenger train at Apedale at the moment.