Olympic Games

It’s been a training day at Apedale. Three of our brightest and best members have been coming to terms with the most common loco types in the collection – a Small Motor Rail, a Small Ruston and a Battery Electric. All have their own unique challenges (the locos, not the trainees) but the team did well. It’s a bit like the Olympic Games; we have 100 yard sprint, the Hill Climb and the Weightlifting. In this case, the Weight was the rather massive (carved from a block of cast steel) 48DL Ruston – used to give the trainees experience of actually hauling a worthwhile load. We also held the “Who Will Be the First to Stall the Engine” contest. Discretion prevents us from disclosing the winner. Sadly, one of the contestants was disqualified after failing a test for banned substances. It was either the Blue Smarties on his Cornetto or the oatcakes. Also worthy of record – and taking place on a previous weekend – was the visit of the Hayfield Coach to hitherto unexplored (by passenger stock) parts of the Apedale railway system. This has been done as part of testing prior to a visit planned by the Branch Line Society later this year. All will be revealed in due course. As ever, get in touch here.