The Bogie Man cometh

Work has continued apace this weekend on the bogies from FR117. You will recall that these are rather brutal three-piece bogies (so-called because they contain four main structural parts – two side frames, a bolster and a spring plank. Yes, I know…). With the benefit of a visit to the hire shop, bogie no.2 came apart with relatively little drama, and everyone was most impressed at the general good condition of all the parts. Meanwhile, the coach itself had the bogies refitted to it to allow it to be moved a few feet. We made a strategic error by parking the vehicle in slightly the wrong place when work started – one lives and learns. Fortunately, a very large pair of trolley jacks (once used for changing nose wheels on Vulcan bombers) makes lifting the coach fairly straightforward. With the coach in its new place, both bogies were removed and the vehicle stood on timbers. Then we found out that the bogies had been colluding; bogie 2 had been sent by its mates to lull us into a false confidence. Bogie 3 proved to be nearly indestructible. None of the fasteners would un-do, even with severe coaxing. Once thermally removed, the spring packs proved to be very fond of their current location, and even the very best the hire shop could provide wasn’t going to change their minds. So, it looks like the bogies have decided to enter into an arms race with the tool hire company. This is only going to end one way…..