Tracks to the Trenches – Day Two

That’s Day Two completed – an amazing day. The only problem we have encountered have been some difficulties with car parking. Unfortunately, we were unable to use one of usual car parks; if this caused you any issues, then we apologise. Sunday looks like being even busier, especially because our neighbours at the Speedway track have an event. There area couple of alternatives to the usual parking on Loomer Road. They are the Park carparks off the B5367 High Street, and then walk through the Park. Alternatively, park at Apedale Road (for locals, past the Eagle and Child pub), and then walk through the park alongside the railway. It is not possible to join trains at Apedale Road station during the event. Both options are only really suitable for the able bodied; we will do everything in our power to facilitate parking for the less able-bodied as close to the event as possible.