Quiz – part 1 answers and Round Two

Thank you to those who entered the Christmas Quiz Part One. I hope it gave some mild diversion whilst listening to elderly relatives rant on about Nice Mr Heath and how appalling young people are these days. The answers are:-

 1 Nene Valley Railway – Octopussy and Goldeneye.

2 D8188 on Severn Valley Railway, but currently at Washwood Heath.
3 A View to a Kill, filmed at Chalk Pits Museum Amberley – doing a very poor impersonation of Southern California.
4 The Deadly Assassin, Tom Baker
5 Silver Streak
6 Washington Union Terminal, the loco Pennsylvania Railroad GG1 4876 which ended up in the basement of the station.
7 Von Ryan’s Express
8 Brief Encounter
9 The taking of Pelham 123 – so the answer is Pelham Bay Station. Three films have been made  – 1974,  a TV movie in 1998 and another film in 2009.
10 The Avengers. Strange how the clue “truly terrible filme” seems to have been a giveaway. What WERE the producers thinking?
11 Sliding Doors – filmed on the Waterloo & City line one weekend.
12The Odessa File
13 Great St Trinian’s Train Robbery
14 The Inn of the Sixth Happiness  – scenes were filmed at Longmoor and the Buddha statue created for the film is now at Portmeirion. 
At this point, I must give full credit to Geoff Ingrham, who came up with an answer which was better than the official version! His answer was Richard Wattis – who starred in the St Trinians film and also in the Prisoner (in “The Chimes of Big Ben”) – filmed at Portmeirion. 
15 The Phantom Light
16 Back to the Future III
17 Train of Events
18 The Cassandra Crossing
19 The Train
20 Melbourne Transit Authority tram system (now known as Yarra Trams), Malcolm
Nominating a winner is unfair, so we’ll do it anyway. Steve Barber (NGRS Secretary) came up with the first set of correct, complete, answers – but Geoff Ingrham deserves credit for working The Prisoner into the whole thing. So we’ll call that a draw.

Which leads nicely into Round Two. This is all about the fleet of locos at Apedale, or associated with Apedale in some way OR answers which can be found in the 2015 output of Moseley Matters.

1:- A visiting loco – Penrhyn via Newbold Vernon. Which loco, when did it visit?
2:- What is the only steam loco to have made TWO visits to two seperate Apedale Galas (it’s NOT Paddy!!)?
3:- Which railway did “Stanhope” visit in September and October 2014?
4:- An unusual non-steam visitor, son of Uther Pendragon. Which loco, which gala, where is home railway?
5:- Built with a Mclaren engine, now a Dorman – which Apedale loco?
6:- Goldfish shoals, nibbling at my toes. Which loco, which galas, where is home?
7:- Resident steam loco, worked in England, Scotland and Wales?
8:- Ships – which loco is associated with “Free Enterprise VII”?
9:- What were the names of the ships which carried HC1238 to and from Ghana?
10:- What is F836 on BnM?
11:- Which Safety Management System document covers off-site working?
12:- In 1948, how many different track gauges did the NCB use underground?
13:- 2015 saw two AVLR locos visit Threlkeld. How many other locos currently on site at Apedale have been at Threlkeld at some stage? Which locos?
14:- Where is the Baltic Juice Terminal?
15:- Which railway did “Stanhope” visit in September and October 2014?
16:- Listermania 2015 – how many locos on a passenger train?
17:- The only ex-Standard Gauge vehicle in the collection?
18:- This Apedale loco has been regauged twice – which loco?
19:- How many Baguley Drewry locos of the same type as AVLR No.90 have there been?
20:- Where did Ruston 193974 and Hibberd 2306 meet prior to both being at Apedale?
So, good luck with that. Answers to the usual, please. To provide a modicum of inspiration, a favourite 2015 Apedale photo.