With all that Santa stuff behind us, and the winter PW Works maintenance programme complete, attention has returned to a few long-open projects. The ex-Ffestiniog Railway van, you will recall, is being refurbished to act as a support vehicle for the PW department at Apedale, and in particular to provides facilities such as tools, workshop, stores and messing for the construction of the next phase of the railway. Work had ended with the old, very rotten, floor, being cut out. The new floor has now been fitted, and we have started welding it into place. Getting the floor sheets into place was interesting, to say the least; at one point, we were grateful for the hole in the roof which allowed the crane access. However, a little perserverance saw the sheets in place and the Electric Glue to be deployed in full fury. It’s beginning to feel like we’ve broken the back of this project by now. For the benefit of anyone on-site at Apedale today, we can confirm that no Robins were harmed during the work on this van.