Christmas Quiz 2015

And so, with the train safely tucked up in the shed until Easter, thoughts at Apedale turn to more intellectual matters. Yes, it’s the 2015 Christmas Quiz. Literally two people said how much they enjoyed it last year, but despite that we’ll give it another go.

This year, there will be two parts. Firstly, that perennial favourite – Railways on TV and in Films.

1:- Which UK preserved railway provided a location for two Bonds films? Which were the films?

2:- In one of the two Bond films, an English Electric diesel came off best in a confrontation with a Soviet Tank; an outcome which would have surprised the builders of both machines. Which was the loco, and where is it now?

3:- Sticking with the Bond film theme – which one saw Grace Jones blowing a large crater in Sussex? Where exactly in Sussex?

4:- In which Doctor Who story did he meet a Ransomes loco? Name the actor playing the Doctor.

5:- Which 1976 film ended badly at a terminus station?

6:- The film in “5” was inspired by a real life incident in 1953. At which station did the incident take place, and which loco was involved?

7:- Which train did Ole’ Blue Eyes steal?

8:- I only need to say Carnforth Clock. Which film?

9:- Where is train 123 departing from? In how many films has it done this?

10:- In what, truly terrible, film does the Kingsway Tram Subway in London double as the entrance to a secret base?

11:- A 1998 film in which the platform-train interface features of an underground train  provides the key plot point?

12:- Which file almost led to the hero coming to a sticky end on the Hamburg Subway?

13:- Frankie Howerd meets the Longmoor Military Railway. Which film?

14:- What film links the above location and an Italianate village near the Ffestiniog? Explain the link…

15:- Sticking with the Ffestiniog – 1935 film featuring Tan-Y-Bwlch?

16:- A Delorean needs help from a steam loco. Name the film?

17:- 1949 film centering around a level crossing collision. Name the film?

18:- 1976 saw Burt Lancaster fail to complete which Crossing?

19:- The same actor trashed most of the French railway system in which black and white epic?

20:- 1986 film in which an antipodean tramway network plays a key part. Which network, which film?

There is, as ever, no prize other than the ability to behave in a slightly smug manner. In the unlikely event of a tie, and the even less likely event of anyone being terribly bothered, the winner will be selected by the usual manner – who made me the most cups of tea at Apedale this year. Part Two to follow shortly. Answers to here, please.