Empty Nest Syndrome

The shed at Apedale seems suddenly to have rather more room in it than we are accustomed to. Why is this? Because it would appear that the Apedale Valley Light Railway is currently providing  locomotives to many of the UK’s narrow gauge lines. The Kerr Stuart Joffre is spending the summer on the Golden Valley Light Railway near Ripley in Derbyshire – check their website for the days when this loco can be seen storming the bank on this steeply  graded line. We have a Lister-Blackstone loco outbased at the Amberley Museum currently – it’s been on an extended visit whilst the owner thinks of a plan to get it back north. The main objective was participation in the madness which was the ListerMania event earlier this month. Finally, Stanhope and the Hudswell have had a weekend away at the Threlkeld museum in the heights of Cumbria. This is a railway which is not so much steep as precipitous. The photo shows them posing with Lilla, which is based at some outfit in Porthmadog. The Threlkeld visit was One Weekend Only, and we are hoping to have these two back in the fold by next weekend. Next steam days at Apedale are the 8 & 9th August – so we need at least one of them back by then! Our new slogan is “Moseley Railway Trust – Reliable Locos for the UK’s Railways”. Our rates are very reasonable….