Welcome to the Jungle

With the Wagon Traverser Project now almost completed, a couple of the younger members of the Moseley Railway Trust have been undertaking a further project in the same area of the site. Some call this a useful add-on, others (those who have been trained as Project Managers) prefer the phrase Scope Creep. But whatever you call it, the objective has been to establish a rail connection into the hand-worked system which our neighbours at the Heritage Centre use to support their mining activities. One day, this connection might even be used for rail-borne deliveries of Apedale Coal for our steam locos. To establish the connection, a fearsomely sharp curve has been pushed through an area which can only be described as resembling a rain forest. Wild rumours have been circulating – was their a Japanese Soldier in there who didn’t know WW2 had ended (badly for him) – that is NOT true. Is the lost L&B loco “Lew” somewhere in this jungle – NO COMMENT. One thing we do know – the curve wasn’t really intended for loco haulage. But we just had to give it a go anyway! As ever, get in touch here.