The Christmas Quiz

For some unaccountable reason, the annual Christmas Quiz has built up quite a following. This year, we have literally one person asking when it will appear. So, faced with that sort of fanbase, we have had a bit of think for this year. Brace yourselves.

The answers to all the questions are the names of narrow gauge locomotives. Almost all are steam locomotives, all still exist, and “preservation era” names are GENERALLY avoided. To give you a fighting chance, we tell you the name of the loco builder in brackets – except for a few cases where that would be far too much of clue. One could therefore divine that the absence of this clue is a clue in itself.   What we want is the name of the loco, and the railway on which it is normally to be found. So, let’s do a simple example:-

Market town in Weardale (Kerr Stuart) – the correct answer is, of course, Stanhope and Apedale Valley Light Railway.

In the words of That Meerkat – Simples. OK, here goes:-

  1. An Post delivers this (Hunslet).
  2. Initially named for the railway promoter’s daughter; had a famously short and precipitous operating life (?).
  3. Author who owned a narrow boat called Crecy (Barclay, sort-of).
  4. Robin Hood’s girlfriend (Hunslet)
  5. A nymph of Greek mythology and a character from The Faerie Queene (Hunslet)
  6. French General, most known for regrouping the retreating allied armies to defeat the Germans at the strategically decisive First Battle of the Marne in 1914 (Kerr Stuart)
  7. Name shared by a Kerr Stuart Wren and a Bagnall saddle tank.
  8. Basil’s wife (Hunslet)
  9. Part of an Abbey or Cathedral (Hunslet)
  10. Prime Minister  twice over, died in 1865 (?)
  11. Only Manchester-born Welshman to have been Prime Minister (?)
  12. Yet another Prime Minister twice-over (Yorkshire Engine)
  13. Creation of J.M.Barrie (Kerr, Stuart)
  14. Friend of the above (Bagnall)
  15. Pussy Cat in the Archers (Hunslet)
  16. First Letter of the Greek alphabet (Bagnall)
  17. Appropriately named Bagnall Fireless which worked with the above ….why is it appropriate?
  18. Built at BAE Warton (amongst other places) (Paxman)
  19. A street in south Leeds (Hunslet)
  20. Titular character of an 1869 book set in Devon (Kerr Stuart)
  21. Not a Scottish Horse – it’s a?  (?)
  22. 1938 film starring the 40th President (Kerr Stuart)
  23. Happened on August 11, 1999 especially in Cornwall (Not Steam – now!)
  24. One of the six in the North (Peckett)
  25. Song by Barry Ryan, covered by The Damned (OandK)

Next, the Tie Breaker – which is nothing whatsoever to do with the above theme!

Tie Breaker:- What connects a small town near Huddersfield with the Tannhäuser Gate (where c-beams glitter in the dark)?

If it is STILL a tie after the Tie Breaker, then the non-existent prize will be awarded based on the usual combination or prejudice and/or spite. Get in touch here with your quiz answers or requests for help (which will probably be ignored).

Finally, and most importantly, it just remains to thank everyone who has been to see us at Apedale in 2014, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and we’ll see you in 2015.