Waterhouses Junction is ours

Regular readers (both of you) will have seen the steady advance of the New Field Railway to the site of the Triangle known as Waterhouses Junction  (for reasons too complex to relate right now). Give the weather on Saturday, the Waterhouses bit is well deserved. Still, at least we weren’t sat in a field in Folkestone.
Track laying has now passed WH North, and this weekend passed WH South and then kept going until we ran out of trackbed. At that point, the Groundworks man turned up and built some more trackbed. You just can’t win. Work has now started on the curve towards WH East, which will connect to the Trench Tramway via a passable impersonation of the Snowdon Mountain Railway. It will also connect the previous, infamous, field Railway. This connection will finally allow the Apedale equivalent of the Lost Legion – a couple of Rustons marooned in the Field Railway Container – access to the complete railway system again. Meanwhile, the search has now started for Abt Rack fitted Motor Rails. All leads to here, please.