Classic Cars

It’s been Classic Cars day down at Apedale. Despite the rather changeable weather (as in changing from heavy rain to drizzle and back again), we have seen a really good turnout of classic cars, tractors, lorries, miniature steamers – if I’ve missed anyone, I apologise. I was puzzled to see an Allegro in the line of Classic Cars. Having regularly mended one many years ago, the words Allegro and Classic don’t entirely align. The main outcome of repairing that car was to learn a vocabulary of expletives which would prove very useful in career based in railway maintenance depots. Nonetheless, our visiting Allegro looked nice and was a credit to the owner. Not least because it clearly got to Apedale without breaking down. Sadly, the planned flypast of the BBMF Spitfire was called off due to the weather. This apparently explains why the sun is always shining in films about the Battle of Britain. So, a big thank you to all the cars, tractors etc (you get the idea) for turning out – we enjoyed your presence, and we hope you enjoyed coming. And we hope Mr Allegro made it home OK. Just to prove we still do railways, the museum fan has now unleashed the next phase – the field railway proper – complete with road crossing. There’s a lot to do before September! As ever, get in touch here