It must be Christmas

It must be Christmas, for three reasons. Firstly, Santa has been seen at Apedale. Secondly, we have had the Trust Xmas meal (thanks to Terry for organising it) and the CME was seen with a ridiculous dancing Meerkat toy. Thirdly, and most relevant, we have once again sent the Trust SR71 on a tour, and produced aerial photos. This time, they are well known (to be honest “not totally obscure” might be closer to the truth) railway stations. All you have to do is to identify the ten railway stations. Simples. Either a major clue, or for bonus points, is to identify the sites of well-known loco builders which are visible in two of the photos – and for the Smarty Pants award – who is the builder whose site is just off the edge of one of the photos? Good Luck, and get in touch here with your answers.

Station 1

Station 2

Station 3

Station 4

Station 5

Station 6

Station 7

Station 8

Station 9

Station 10