A pleasant autumnal day down the Apedale Valley has seen all many of tasks happening. The Hudswell Diesel has taken a significant step forward with the fitting of the engine and gearbox back into the frame. The engine is a 4 cylinder Dorman which was fitted by the quarry where the loco worked in the 1950s. It is rated at about 40hp. The transmission was built by David Brown for the loco when new, and is probably rated at about 4000hp. Flushed with success from this little task, the team responsible then undertook to rebuild a WW1-era portable track panel in the manner which our forebears would have done it. This led to the How Many People Can Work on One Track Panel contest, followed by the ultimate rarity – the CME being seen to touch a piece of trackwork. Previous CME-related trackwork projects have usually ended in tears, so we can but hope that this will be OK. If you are at all concerned about this matter, or have been affected by any of the items in this entry, contact us here.