Halloween HiJinks

This weekend has seen the first ever Halloween event at Apedale, and the general consensus is that it’s been a great success. Although, to be fair, we did have a problem with convincing some of the customers that they hadn’t passed into an afterlife (of their choice, dependant on religious views or persuasions). Firstly, none of them seemed concerned that they were only being sold single tickets. Secondly, one would have thought the Spectre of Death walking up and down the platform may have caused some concern. Thirdly, the presence of Salmon Mousse on the menu of the Heritage Centre cafe. Fortunately, our Spectre of Death had read Terry Pratchett, and consequently ONLY EVER SPOKE IN CAPITAL LETTERS.Our band of happy, and hopefully slightly uneasy customers all seemed to have a jolly good time, and the volunteers who played the various roles all seemed to quite enjoy themselves. Indeed, some of them fell into the roles so naturally that it looks like the next Trust AGM could be significantly more entertaining than previous years. It’s quite rare for a membership’s democratic opinion to be expressed by a flaming torch and stake wielding mob, but it’s all about freedom of expression really isn’t it? Anyway, that’s about it now for the 2013 operating season until the Santas. Hopefully, you’ve made your booking here by now? All being well, no-one will get confused between the various events because SANTA SPEAKING IN CAPITAL LETTERS could be quite frightening to the little ones. As ever, get in touch here (unless you are selling Salmon Mousse).