New Build Project Announced

The team at Apedale proudly announce that they are launching a new-build project. This ambitous, five-year mission will boldy go where no-one has been before. The mission is to recreate a missing link in the history of narrow gauge diesel locomotives – the legendary six-wheel Motor Rail. This loco was originally built in 1930 and was an utter failure, never actually leaving the Works. A spokesman said “We’re not going to let minor details like a previous disaster stand in the way. We believe that the driver probably didn’t read the manual properly.  It’s a type of Motor Rail which we don’t have, and that cannot be allowed. Besides, it seems that every other extinct loco type is now being re-created by some scheme or other, and we felt a bit left out”. The group has already acheived the two key project milestones for any new build project. Firstly, a Facebook page for the project has been established. Secondly, there has been bitter internal strife within the group on what shade of green the loco should be painted. Confidence is high that the actual design, fundraising, manufacture and approval phases of the project will be just as easy. With the additional tractive effort which the six wheel design provides, the new loco will be more than able to cope with the gradients of the railway at Apedale. The group expects that the locomotive will be completed for 1st April 2018.