In the…..errr…..sludge

One of the occasional dubious joys of a site like Apedale is the discovery of the legacy of the building’s previous owners – Aurora Mining (hence Aurora Works). That legacy has recently manifest itself in, without being indelicate, certain issues when flushing the works lavatories. The indelicacy was caused by a rather poor piece of plumbing which we inherited, which has now become a completely failed piece of plumbing. It is to be hoped that the Miners were better at coal mining than they were at plumbing. Since, as far as we know, they didn’t all meet gruesome deaths beneath the surface, then we can be confident that this was the case. Although this is reassuring, it doesn’t help with the toilet indelicacy. So, two of our more resilient members set to and cleared out the system. You will be pleased to note that there is no photograph of them at work – in the interests of our more delicate readers. So, instead, please settle for a photo of the loco “Sludge” at Minworth Sewage works, and you’ll get the general idea. You can enjoy the photo whilst we look forward to a couple of weekends rebuilding the works sewage system. Visitors will be relieved (groan) to hear that the public toilets are unaffected. Besides the heroics with the drains, it’s been a busy weekend in general at Apedale, as the photo of the line up outside the works suggests. The Ailsa-engined Motor Rail was used to shunt the steam loco. This was the MRT’s entry in the Least Appropriate Shunting Locomotive of the Year awards contest. As ever, get in touch here. Jokes about puppies with toilet paper not appreciated.