Going Dutch

Mentioned on here a couple of times in passing has been the loan of Motor Rail no.1369 and the War Department Light Railway Water Tank wagon to the Utrecht railway museum in the Netherlands. This is for a major exhibition that they are staging looking at military railways – for more details see here. The loco and the tank have had a spruce-up, and the Big Day came when the rather impressive lorry turned up and loaded up for the trip across the North Sea. Considering the loco spent its working life in the rather unglamourous surroundings of  Esholt sewage works, its life in preservation has been rather exciting. Initially part of the Leeds City museums collection at Armley Mills, it was loaned to the Moseley Railway Trust and restored as part of the “Salvage Squad” TV series. This included a jaunt to France – to the Froissy-Cappy Dompierre railway near Amiens. It is now an asset of the Moseley Railway Trust and we are pleased to see it off on its travels again. Get in touch here.