Getting ready

As we enter sun-kissed March, the Apedale site is throwing off its winter coat and getting ready to welcome the hoards of Easter egg hunters who will hopefully descend on the railway when we start operations at 1130 on Easter Saturday. Part of this is bringing to conclusion the various winter maintenance and enhancement projects which have been proceeding. The station shop has seen a lot of work taking place, which hasn’t really featured in this blog so far – the top photo shows the window frames receiving a long-overdue coat of topcoat paint. Meanwhile, the prefabricated point we saw assembled on a wagon last weekend has been placed into its final resting place in Silverdale Station loop, with fishplating and final completion to do. This is always the fiddly bit, but we need to get this completed. Currently, there is a point-sized hole in the run round loop at Silverdale – so it might be an unplanned top’n’tail operation if we don’t get this done. Still, we have the “A” team on the job (newly escaped from the military stockade, imprisoned for a crime they didn’t commit). Cue the music. Get in touch here (and no, they are not for hire).