Another Hudswell

Last week we looked at a Hudswell Clarke steam loco suffering an aquatic embarrassment. This time we’ll look at another Hudswell product – built only 13 years later, in 1930. Loco D558 worked at a lime works in Derbyshire. Some rather splendid colour photos have recently come to light. Taken by Philip Hindley in September 1966, they show the loco working in the quarry in 1966. Five years later, the loco had been withdrawn, went to a scrapyard, and was rescued to the Cadeby Light Railway. The years of standing outside at Cadeby have taken a cosmetic toll, but the loco still runs well – the second photo shows it “doing its stuff” with a train of skips at Apedale in 2011. Apart from the background, the loco is being demonstrated doing exactly what it would have done in industry. Sometimes we forget the second word in the phrase “Railway Preservation”. Get in touch here.