Annual General Meeting Day

A very pleasant spring day at Apedale greeted a throng of Moseley Railway Trust members for the 2012 Annual General Meeting. The meeting duly held the Trustees to democratic account, but everyone seemed to emerge relatively unscathed and most people were still talking to most people at the end. It was observed to have been the shortest meeting on record, which perhaps speaks volumes for the sheer stamina needed for some meetings in the past. It is said that the 2004 AGM went on for seven hours and only ended when a Trustee keeled over through lack of sustenance. You will be pleased to hear he made a full recovery after an emergency Pot Noodle infusion. Today was a very tame affair, and the worst thing to happen seems to have been that the CME managed to break his favourite coffee cup. Shame. After the meeting, the opportunity was taken to run-up a few of the locos which had spent the winter in hibernation. Two battery locos, a petrol Motor Rail and at least seven diesels strutted their funky stuff. Lesser railways would call that a Diesel Gala.  A few members expanded their loco driving skills, and a few got their first chance to test their mettle against a Ruston or a Motor Rail. Next weekend marks the start of regular train services – 1130 to 1600 every Saturday and some Sundays & BH Mondays. We can hardly wait. If you can hardly wait, get in touch here.