Happy New Year

  1. Firstly, the second part of the Quiz. I’ve seen three correct sets of answers, and I have to say I’m most impressed. I didn’t think anyone would get all of them. The 2012 Xmas quiz is going to have to be really fiendish – “Spot the Fishplate” or something. Anyway, the answers are:
  2. 6:- WHHR Porthmadog
  3. 7:- Welshpool and Llanfair, Llanfair Caerinion
  4. 8:- Cappy, Froissy, Dompierre, France
  5. 9:- Durango (Durango and Silverton), Colorado, USA
  6. 10:- Kelmsley Down, Sittingbourne & Kelmsley
  7. 11:- Jenbach, Austria – home to the Zillertalbahn and the Achenseebahn.
  8. It’s been a funny end to the year, with big “Ups” and big “Downs”. The Santa trains at Apedale were extremely successful, with very full trains loaded with happy, and fare-paying, passengers. Even the Treasurer was heard to be muttering positive comments about cashflows and business models and the like. But then we heard of the death of a long standing and much respected member, John Lucas. John is seen in characteristic pose at Amberley in 2008 (thanks to Cliff Thomas for the photo). John will be greatly missed within the railway family. Hopefully 2012 will see plenty of Ups and not many Downs. We re-open to the public on Saturday 31/3/12, and look forward to seeing you then. Keep checking in here for all the latest news and Apedale happenings, and maybe the odd giggle. Get in touch here.