Autumnal endeavours

It doesn’t seem like five minutes since the end of the running season, and yet Apedale was enlivened by the beginnings of the Santa season – the inevitable hunt for all the bits of the Grotto. We’ll soon be finding out who has been naughty and who has been nice. Meanwhile, outside the workshop, was one of the more elusive members of the fleet – the Hunslet “Twusk”. It is rarely a good sign when a loco is stood with its engine crankcase doors off, and an even worse sign when our CME is peering into the innards with a puzzled look. “Twusk” achieved brief fame by becoming one of the first locos from the Scrapyard in the Sky – also known as Gloddfa Ganol – to operate after the dispersal of that collection. However, it has a rather unfortunate tendency towards seizing its engine, which is not considered ideal. It seems to have an oil pump issue, and time will tell if its a Naughty issue or a Nice issue. Meanwhile, down at the Pit Project, lumps of concrete sleepers were being hacked off with an angle grinder – that well-known civil engineering tool.

I should mention that you can book for our Santa Specials here or come down in person on the next two Saturdays. Be seeing you? Get in touch here.