Happy Birthday

It’s official. The Apedale Valley Light Railway is One today. We had our first day of passenger trains on August 21 last year – although we did sneak in a train the previous Saturday. So, the AVLR should be getting rid of its dummy, moving onto solid food, and seriously contemplating walking. Much has changed in what has been a very short year. Probably two of the main achievements have been the arrival of the Joffre steam loco, and the near completion of the station building. The photo shows where we were with the station last year. You can, of course, come along and see the progress we have made at the “Made in Staffordshire” September Gala – now just a couple of weeks away – September 10 & 11. All being well, the Joffre will be in operation and the station building will be open for business. There MAY still be time to get tickets in advance if you’re quick – check here. Even if you can’t get along the Gala, we running all three days over the bank holiday weekend, with steam on the Sunday & Monday. As ever, get in touch here.