Internal Combustion Update

It’s probably about time we had a quick update on happening with the internal combustion fleet at Apedale.

Ruston No.37 has been a long-term resident of the workshop suffering from a rather porous coolant system. It’s now been reassembled and seems not to leak, which suggest two possible options. Either the holes have been fixed, or someone has changed the laws of physics to increase the viscosity of water. Given the size of the holes in the radiator tanks, my money is on the second one. Either way, it’s good to see it back. The bent-frame Motor Rail 2197 has had a bit of spruce-up in preparation for a visit to Wicksteed Park. It’s Steam in the Park combined with Wicksteed at War. As you can see, the loco is not going unarmed, and expects to be able to hold its own in any foreseeable Kettering-based conflict scenarios. Rumours that the boxes contain Enhanced Paveway IIIs “borrowed” by the CME can be neither confirmed nor denied. Finally, Sludge (the ex-Minworth Simplex 40SD) has had its starting problems hopefully fixed (again). The photo shows it surveying the site of the pit. Before long, most of the foreground will be submerged under fill.
In between times, we still managed to operate the Apedale Valley Light Railway. It’s a Steam Weekend this Saturday & Sunday 11 & 12 June – 11.00 to 1630 both days with (all being well) some of the IC fleet stretching its legs on the Industry trains on the Saturday. Get in touch here, or better yet come and see us.