Today’s News

….is, of course, tomorrow’s chip paper. Delving into chip papers of the past, a few photos have come to light showing a memorable operation from 2007 – the early days at Apedale. When the Moseley Railway Trust arrived on site, there were many, many obstacles in the way. One of those was a metal building, inevitably christened the Tin Tabernacle. Said building stood exactly on the site of the storage shed – or (to put it another way) totally in the way. Being short of covered storage, we were loathe to demolish it, so a more creative solution was reached. The first two photos give a context – then and now – note the coal conveyor in the background of both shots. The building had a cradle built around it, and was then craned complete onto a large trailer. It was then driven to near its new home, and craned off onto a ready-built foundation. What could be simpler?

By the way, I should mention that the Apedale Valley Light Railway is running all three days over this bank holiday weekend, with steam on Sunday and Monday. We will also be running steam traction on the following two Saturdays (4th June and 11th June) and Sunday 12th June. The 4th June is in connection with a caravan rally, and the 11 & 12th is our usual steam & industry trains weekend. It’s been a bit quiet on some days recently, so please do come along and see us – check out the main website for details. As ever, get in touch here.