Yes, it’s the Moseley Railway Trust Spot the Similarity Contest!! Using your skill and judgement, state the similarities between the locomotives in the photos above. Here’s a couple of important ones. They both have Paxman engines (although the Red one has since had a German heart transplant) and both were prone to overheating. This has been cured on the red one by fitting an improved set of radiators. Unfortunately, the green one could not be so easily fixed. Now, you will have probably realised by now that the green one is an Apedale resident, but the red one isn’t. Spot on. The green one is Hibberd 2306, fitted with a Paxman 2RQ engine. The owner had, optimistically, hoped that thermal syphoning would be enough to circulate the coolant – wrong. So, it began to resemble a steam loco after about an hour – disappearing in a cloud of boiling coolant. The fix has been to reinstate a coolant pump which was originally fitted, but was not initially restored onto the loco. As can be seen, it’s quite a piece of plumbing, but is fairly leak free. Time will tell how long it stays like that – the RQ engine generates quite a high vibration level. To be fair, the HST power cars were not noted for being leak free either. So that’s OK then. Get in touch with us here – and no, we cannot accommodate any HST power cars at Apedale. They scare the horses, don’t you know.