Thank you very much

…to Councillor Derrick Huckfield of Staffordshire County Council. Councillor Huckfield arranged a grant for the Moseley Railway Trust from the Staffordshire County Council Local Community Fund, and this was used to buy and erect a rather splendid noticeboard which now graces the entrance to the site at Apedale. The noticeboard was made for us by Leander Architectural, and it’s a very nice job indeed. This Saturday, Councillor Huckfield visited us at Apedale and unveiled the noticeboard. Councillor Huckfield is seen on the right with our deputy Chairman, Richard Grey, on the left. They were then able to enjoy a ride through the scenic delights of the Apedale valley. We weren’t overrun by visitors, as everyone in Stoke had either gone to Wembley or was sat around a TV. But at least we can now tell them about our trains using the new noticeboard, so all was not lost at the weekend. Get in touch here (unless you’re a Man City fan).