Opening Day of the Season

Opening day of the season – magical words to any football fan. In the case of some teams (eg the one followed by the wife) it is also synonymous with the words “relegation battle”. Perhaps fortunately, there isn’t a league structure for Heritage Railways, although some of them to like to think of themselves as the Premier League. Although we at Apedale perhaps aren’t at that level yet, we’re trying to catch up as fast as we can. And the catch up is evidenced by the rate of change on site. Yesterday, for example, was the Opening Day of the passenger train season. It was also the first day of full passenger traffic for locomotive No.90 – the Baguley Drewry. It is really quite a superior locomotive, and just needs a few cupholders and an eight-track cassette player to make it complete in all regards. The photo shows it running round the train, pausing alongside the now almost complete Silverdale Station building. Hoefully, we’ll be able to occupy the building in the not too distant future, which will make a major difference to the amenities we can offer to our customers. Meanwhile, not too far away, the initial bores for the Stoke-on-Trent extension of the London Underground Railway project were being started. I believe that this will be the Apedale Interchange on the Northern Line. It might be a bit of a wait for the Northern Line (no change there), but you can enjoy a ride on the Apedale Valley Light Railway every Saturday from now to the end of October, plus steam on the second complete weekend in the month – when we’ll also run on the Sunday. Check the main website for full details. Get in touch here.