…the one where lots of trains run up the Apedale Valley.

During the ten years when the Moseley Railway Trust had no railway of its own, various other organisations helped and supported us by allowing visits and the like at other railways. Yesterday was an opportunity to say “thank you” to the many individuals and organisations who helped the MRT during the wilderness years. We welcomed people from, amongst others, the Golden Valley Light Railway, the West Lancashire Light Railway, the Amerton Railway and Alan Keef Ltd. We ran a significant number of locomotives; courtesy a a recently amended rulebook, we were also able to run a more intensive service of demonstration goods trains on the main line. For the spotters out there, the locos run were:-

Steam – KS2395 Stanhope and vertical boiler “Paddy”. Battery locos No.2 (WR C6716), 67 (WR D6912), 71 (CE5843), Petrol No.33 (MR7033), and diesels 7 (MR8663), 13 (MR11142), 20 (MR8748), 25 (HE6007), 29 (RH195846), 40 (SMH40SD516), 42 (MR7710), 43 (SMH104G063), 44 (HU LX1001), 58 (HC D558), 61 (MR1320), 62 (RH497542), 80 (LB52610), 81 (MR2197) and 90 (BD3756). I make that 21 in total – how many railways can turn out 21 locos without really trying too hard? Get in touch here!