Up periscope

As you can see from the above film, the Motor Rail dumper (no.8389 of 1947) has managed to move under its own power. It lacks a few minor refinements currently, such as any forward visibility for the driver. However, we’re planning an outing to Barrow in Furness where apparently there’s something which may provide the answer. In the case of the dumper, the operational time is limited by how long the tyres stay inflated rather than such mundane matters as fuel and driver’s hours. Meanwhile, some work has actually been done on the railway, including another Motor Rail, number 5038. The photos show it in the early 1970s at Ashchurch and as it is currently. The bonnets hide a multitude of ills – not least a mechanical conundrum with the clutch, which is hopefully now solved. Offers of redundant submarine equipment should be sent here, please.