Remembering things past

It has been said that the Moseley Railway Trust is a bit like some of the better regiments in the British Army; it really does matter where you went to school. We were reminded of this when, during some work on MR7066 this weekend, two of the “old boys” of the Grammar School posed on the loco, recreating the days of the Moseley Industrial Tramway at Cheadle, in Manchester. The number of active members still directly associated with the School era is still considerable, but their numbers are being overtaken by people who never knew the delights of the Margaret Danyers college and its precursors. In those halcyon days, portable railways were rather less bound by red tape than today, and the second photo shows such an operation at the Hayfield Show some considerable number of years ago. The loco in the B&W photo is now a resident of Cornwall. What such scenes should remind us of is that today’s Trust has its roots back in the last 1960s. A curiosity with the restoration of No.6 is that it is being done to a Preservation condition, not as it was in Industry. More than a few preserved locomotives have now spent longer in preservation than in industry – so perhaps we should be thinking about how we recreate some of the early preservation era? Get in touch here. Early Moseley Memories and especially photos are always welcomed.