Winter Wonderland

We’ve reached the end of Day Three of the four day Santa campaign, and it’s fair to say that today has been pretty challenging. A little snow overnight became a blizzard all morning. The result was some of the most challenging conditions imaginable for operating a railway. Coupled with a points failure, it’s not been an easy one. But despite all that, the professionalism of the Moseley Railway Trust railway operating staff shone through, and all the booked trains ran, and all mostly to time, or close to. Beat that, Network Rail. We are available (by the way) for consultancy services at relatively reasonable rates. All of our visits seemed to go away happy, especially the kids. Who would not enjoy a train ride through a winter wonderland and then get to meet Santa? There’s still a few seats left for tomorrow (Sunday 19/12), and it looks like the wonderland will still be there. Get in touch here. Finally, may we wish everyone a happy Christmas. If enough people request it, we may post a Youtube of a well-known Trustee doing something daft again. Up to you, dear readers.