Positive Progress

Last weekend saw some interesting developments at the Moseley Railway Trust site at Apedale. Our friends at the Apedale Heritage Centre are continuing their project to rebuild Silverdale station building. This, you will recall, was a late-surviving North Staffordshire Railway structure. It survived because it provided a convenient bothy for traincrews whilst loading MGR trains at Silverdale colliery next door. The big recent development has ben putting on the roof trusses, which makes it look MUCH more finished. The end finally seems to be in site for this project, and hopefully next season, we will be able to part visitors from their cash from a station building (and obviously drink tea, that being the main purpose of any station building). Meanwhile, at the other end of the site, an interesting new arrival. This is the mortal remains of a War Department Light Railways Ambulance Van. This has been in storage for some years at the South Tynedale Railway, but has now come to Apedale to join the growing collection of WDLR equipment in the care of the MRT. As you can see, it’s a bit of a fixer-upper, but this holds no fears for the team who built the Apedale Valley Light Railway’s Toastrack coach.
As ever, get in touch here. Did I mention that there’s till time to book for Santa Specials at Apedale (if you’ve been good all year, that is)? Check the main website for details!