The Amazing Revolving Wingrove

The project to connect up the Container which will form the Carriage & Wagon workshop to the railway at the Moseley Railway Trust’s Apedale site has continued unabated. The track in the container is off-set, to create a bit of space. So, one doesn’t have to be a genius to realise that the access to one side of the wagons will be better than on the other side. What’s the answer? A turntable, of course. Previously, both readers will have seen it being pushed into place. It’s now bolted down, and track connected. For some reason now lost to my memory, the construction of the turntable was likened to that of am Avro Shackleton. Which is pretty tenuous, but at least we can have a picture of a Shackleton. Returning to reality, it was inevitable that the turntable needed to be test-run, so one of the Wingrove battery locos was placed on the deck and given a spin. And, despite the dire predictions of one member, it all passed off without such much as a hitch.
Meanwhile, some serious tinkering has taken place with the fuel system on the RL1B Orenstein & Koppel in an attempt to increase the engine top revs. A day’s spanner twirling was suitably rewarded by an increase in maximum speed from 4mph to 4.001mph. Such is life. If you fancy having a twirl or a spin, you have two options. Strictly Come Dancing, or coming down to Apedale. Sequins and fake tan are optional for Apedale. Get in touch here (unless you’re trying to sell sequins and fake tan).