Hello, Goodbye

After all the excitement of the Opening Weekend, it’s back to reality at the Apedale Valley Light Railway. Today has seen the departure of the Hunslet steam loco “Edward Sholto” back to its base at the Statfold Barn Railway, moving on Hunslet Steam’s rather splendid lorry. The lorry arrived with three Dinorwic slate wagons, which had been restored in the last days of the Cadeby Light Railway, and then placed on loan to Statfold for operation with their new-build Hunslet quarry tank steam locos. In addition to “Edward Sholto”, a side-discharge ballast wagon went back to Statfold. We’re all very grateful to Graham, Henry and the team at Statfold for their help with this. Meanwhile, we have a Mini Steam Gala to look forward to. As a consequence of the need to train crews on steam locos, and also as a consequence of a typo in the publicity department (we all make mistakes), we will be running steam locos next weekend 9 & 10 October AND 16 & 17 October – four days in total. We will be running the Kerr Stuart “Stanhope” and also the visitor “Paddy”, still with us after the Opening Weekend. We also hope to let the heritage diesels stretch their legs with freights down the mainline. What more could you want – and let’s face it, there’s not much else to do in October, is there?? As ever, get in touch here.