An Away Mission

Just occasionally, we get time off for good behaviour, and the Moseley folks are allowed to leave Staffordshire. Such an event was last Saturday, when we took the NGRS/Moseley sales stand to the open day of Alan Keef Ltd, down near Ross on Wye. Another splendid day, with three locomotives in steam – vertical boiler locos “Chaloner” and “Taffy”, plus the Kerr Stuart Wren “Peter Pan”. The Hayfield coach, one of the stars of last weekend’s Grand Gala Opening, was in use. The yellow colour seems to work well in sunshine. Strangely, we hadn’t noticed that at Apedale. The elite sales force managed to empty the pockets of a few willing customers, and we saw lots of old friends. The next outing is to Expo NG, Swanley, Kent. Apparently that’s in the South, so we will start saving now for the Dartford toll. See you there, or come along to Apedale? Get in touch here.