Site Progress

Whilst there has been a lot of focus on the hugely successful Classic Car day (which did stretch the concept of “Classic Car” to a significant degree), there has been a lot of other work going on around the site.The Baldwin Tractor, having gained the Lockdown Project cab, has now had the roof fitted. The next big step is the wheelsets, for which a casting pattern has been made by a very clever man. The piggy bank will now need to be raided to pay for the castings.

FR Coach 120 has progressed significantly, and largely unphotographed! It now stands on its correct bogies. The air and electrical systems are pretty much complete. The main activity currently is the creation of a larger door portal at one end; this is to allow wheelchair access into the vehicle, and will provide the railway with an all-weather disabled vehicle. The creation of the door portal has required the insertion of a new vertical structural member to maintain the integrity of the bodyshell. Then follows the nerve-wracking bit – cutting out the existing structure and hoping nothing unexpected happens. Which is exactly what happened – nothing.Elsewhere, track works were taking place.

A long-overgrown siding has been rehabilitate to provide additional wagon storage, which is much needed. Work has also started on pointwork for the new shed. A three-way point will be used at one end, which presents quite a geometric puzzle. We acquired a “three way point starter kit” a few years ago, but quite a few parts will require replacement. One of the blades was rusted beyond recovery, so a replacement was sourced from one of the damper corners of the PW store area.