Point Problems

An update on progress on the Loos Loop project. You will recall that a new embankment has been built to allow the Field railway to be extended. Part of this also makes the far-end loop (the Loos Loop) into an actual loop, rather than a pair of parallel single-ended sidings. A new set of points was installed, and the track connected. Disappointingly, a problem then emerged – the check rails for the points had been installed (by the previous owners) for back-to-backs significantly wider than the MRT 21.5 inches. It’s not known exactly where the point came from or what was used on it – but the vehicles must have had very thin flanges. The problem meant that the check rails all had to be removed and repositioned. The check rails has been installed by someone who may not have fully understood wheel-rail interaction, but they were damn good at welding! This all had to be ground off, and in today’s awful weather, that meant erected the PW Tent to allow work to continue. The photo shows it just before it blew away for the first time. Eventually, all was sorted, and the point has been accepted as usable. The project is being pushed at a pace because we want to use the loop for its intended purpose at the Swords to Ploughshares event on June 29 & 30.