The Bus Replacement Service

Bit of a take-over by the rubber-tyre boys today. Not the Paris Metro, but the Potteries Omnibus Preservation Society who held their annual rally on our event field. And a remarkable sight it was too, with the field covered in buses of all conceivable shapes and sizes. To someone whose knowledge of buses is limited to “they come along in threes…” the sheer variety of these preserved vehicles is astounding. One or two non-buses seemed to sneak in, including a Police Hillman Imp. The presence of the “Slow” sign does seem to show a full appreciation of the likely performance of a Hillman Imp. Still, OK for nailing kids on bikes with no lights. Meanwhile, the War Office Loco Trust’s Hunslet did the honours faultlessly on the main line passenger train, and all the trains seemed well laden with passengers. We suspect many secretly wished the loco to break down at the far end, and thus needing to be rescued by one of the old buses. Sorry to disappoint!