Getting ready – and a new arrival

Work is full swing on preparing the site for next weekend and the Tracks to the Trenches 2016 megabash. In addition to the various vehicle projects which were reviewed last week, there have been various infrastructure projects coming to fruition. We have carried out a small platform extension, which will make the operation of trains using all four passenger coaches easier and safer. Coupled to this is the creation of a ramp exit from the station platform, which will aid circulation in this area.
The ever-expanding Field Railway has continued to expand with a southern extension to a new loop. The loop won’t be finished – it will be two tracks and a single set of points – but it will operationally interesting and useful. There’s been a bit of a debate as to the name of this new loop. Loopy McLoopface was popular for a while, but sense has prevailed and now it’s officially Loos Loop – named for the 1915 battle.
Finally, we have a new arrival on site. This is a Baldwin tractor, of the type very popular with American and Canadian forces; the locos is currently standard gauge, having been regauged from 2’0″ gauge at some stage in its life. When built, this loco and the Ffestiniog’s Moelwyn would have been similar if not identical. A group of Trust members have imported this loco from a scrapyard in Switzerland. So, Tracks to the Trenches will offer a unique opportunity to see the UK’s only two Baldwin tractors. The event will also be the only chance to see the Apedale Baldwin before restoration commences – which could be a long road ahead. As ever, get in touch here.