All around the UK

Another busy weekend for the Moseley Railway Trust has seen us operating railways over quite a significant geographical spread. At home at Apedale, it was a normal timetabled steam service. We also took advantage of the reasonable weather – in the morning at least – to complete the move of a new container into its final resting place. The arrival of the ex-FR coach 117 has put considerable pressure on storage space, hence the new container. Its designated home was, unfortunately, inaccessible to road transport and even less accessible to cranage. Hence, the movement was by rail and the positioning was by jacking and packing. As can be seen in one of the photos, we did borrow a passing Ruston just to give the box a quick shove at a key moment.

Meanwhile, the Hudswell steam loco, Motor Rail 1369 and two WDLR wagons were having a little holiday in the North East at the invitation of Paul, Matt and the rest of the Beamish team. This was part of their Great War Steam Fair. Four days have been spent gently shuffling wagons around their growing narrow gauge empire. This included serving the needs of POWs who had been put to work on a fearsome saw bench turning trees into planks – the railways then removed the planks for use elsewhere. As ever, get in touch here.