Training Day

At Apedale, we take training pretty seriously. There’s a number of reasons for that. Firstly, we need trained and competent people to be able to carry out the various safety-critical tasks on which the operation of the railway depends. Having a training and assessment regime for such people is not only the Right Thing to do, but is also legally mandated. And apparently the Chairman doesn’t like prison food. Secondly, having a structured training regime is a means by which volunteers can work through the various operating grades. So, a bright day down t’ valley saw a good turn out of bright young things (perhaps not young…) all eager to build on previous training. The day was spent with several locos buzzing round the site, as the trainees built up their confidence and knowledge. And they soaked it up pretty well, which allowed a record-breaking crop of new Yard Drivers to be signed off. So, congratulations to Peter, Mike, Richard and John, all of whom are now entitled to carry out Yard Driving on Rustons and Small Motor Rails. I imagine that they all drove home, eager to update CVs and dreaming of the day that we sign them off to drive Black 5s on the mainline. Sorry chaps…..
Elsewhere, frenetic activity on the steam fleet preceded a visit from the Boiler Man this week. Stanhope was suffering from a perforated fire tube, and this has been replaced; the loco was steamed to prove the repair as it’s embarrassing if it leaks whilst the Man with the Clipboard stands there with his overtime clock running. Quite why the fireman has pink hair is a little beyond us. He may having been drinking the boiler treatment again. As ever, get in touch here.