Diamonds are forever

With all that Christmas malarkey behind us, life gets back to normal down the Apedale Valley. This particular version of normal involves heavy fabrication work of railway crossing work. Over the last few weeks, a large metal creation has been steadily growing in the workshop. It got progressively larger and heavier as yet more bits were made and welded in until eventually the point was reached where it was decided it would need to be released into the wild. And so it was hauled out from the workshop. This was to the relief of the main builder, and to the slight disappointment of all the people who kept asking if it would fit through the door. Of Course, he said, confidently. Having allowed it to see daylight, the creation showed itself for what it is – a flat crossing for the Field Railway. The will complete the legendary Waterhouses Triangle, and allows the railway to the Trench to cross the original field railway. With the Triangle complete, we will also be easily able to turn vehicles end-for-end. This will assist, for example, with Stanhope which returned from Toddington with Smokebox North – locos on the AVLR normally run Smokebox South. The crossing is now sitting on a flat wagon for finishing off. The next couple of weeks will hopefully see  it moved to site for either a triumphal “Right First Time” installation into the railway, or a severe sucking-in of teeth and stomping off for a drink of tea and a rethink. Only time will tell. As ever, get in touch here