High Speed Link

The subject of high-speed railways running through the Midlands is quite a popular one currently. Down at the Apedale Valley, we have been doing our bit to prove some of the technology. The curve leading to Apedale Road (scene of the new Transport Interchange) had been quite troublesome with expansion in warm weather. We did have to check the records, and apparently warm weather is what happens when it isn’t raining. The resulting expansion produced more of a corner than a curve, which could be rather uncomfortable for our passengers. If they’d wanted a white knuckle them park, we’d re-brand ourselves as Apedale Towers and charge ten times the price. Now there’s a thought.  Anyway, whilst we remain a Light Railway, something had to be done. So, the elite P-Way team swung into action and re-laid the affected section with the curvature spread over a much longer transition, and decent expansion gaps left. Hopefully, this eased curve will solve the expansion problem. Better yet, it has allowed the lifting of a speed restriction, bringing the linespeed to a consistent 110mph or the maximum speed of “Stanhope”. The obvious lesson to learn is that HS2 should be built to 2’0″ gauge and operated with Kerr Stuart steam locos. But will they listen – no. Closed to new and novel technology, it’s always the same. If anyone from HS2 wants to offer a consultancy contract, get in touch here.