Christmas Quiz – Part 2

Ok, we have at least one set of correct answers to Part 1. They are:-
1 Fleet no 74 – Orenstein 3444?
2 Fleet no 59 – Orenstein 4588 – a tough one, considering it shows the loco partly dismantled, and further dismantling has now removed many of the bits shown in the picture!!
3 Fleet no 29 Vanguard – Ruston 195846
4 Fleet no 50 – Deutz 10050
5  Stanhope – Kerr Stuart 2395
6 Visiting loco Red Dwarf – a Wingrove beloning to the Shropshire Mines Group.
7 Fleet no 6 Genesix – MR 7066
8 Visiting loco Marchlyn – Avonside 2067

In the words of the meerkat, “Simples”. Now for something less simples. For each of these, I want the loco and the railway at which it is to be found. Good hunting. Answers to here please. In a few cases, the answers are perhaps debatable. In such cases, answers will be submitted to a carefully selected peer review panel for consideration; their deliberations will then be totally ignored, and I shall use a combination of  bias, corruption and spite as the means to determine who is crowned MRT Smarty Pants of the Year.